Contests & Promos

OUR SPRING COLOURING CONTEST HAS BEGUN, pick up your colouring sheet in-store today!

Thank you to our littlest customers for some great artwork!

KieraWinstonCongratulations to our Winter Colouring Contest winners Jezel and Felicia! Their great work received the most Likes on our Facebook Page!

KieraWinstonThe Winner of The Sheep Colouring Contest is Kiera, Age 6 and Winston, Age 6! Kiera chose the name Walnut for our Sheep and Winston chose Winston! Thank you to all that entered!

FabianCongratulations to our Goat Colouring Contest winner, Fabian, age 7! Come visit our new Goat, now named Fabiana! A special thanks to everyone that entered!

A special thanks to all of our customers who participated in the SickKids raffle and Congratulations to Sophie Godon on winning first prize, a three foot chocolate bunny from the SickKids raffle! All proceeds donated to SickKids!

Congratulations to our Colouring Contest winner, Maddy, age 9! And to everyone that entered, we have the most talented little customers! Great job!

*Prices are subject to change and do not include Honey Crisp, Ambrosia and Orchard Crisps.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.