The Apple Factory is proud to offer you a vast selection of the freshest fruits and vegetables around!

Spanish Clementines are now in season!

Our fruits are perfect for a snack or dessert and can even be used to go with meats and vegetables.  With our wide variety of fresh fruit year round, it is very easy to indulge your sweet tooth without racking up on fat and caloric intake.  Seasonally, you can discover new flavours with exotic fruits from around the world, or divulge in your favourites, grown locally!  With their rainbow of colours, fruits also are packed full of vitamins and nutrients helping fight diseases and build up your immune system with every bite.

Check out our fresh selection of vegetables, bursting with colour and nutrition!  Vegetables are a huge staple of every meal so we understand the importance of providing you with the best quality.  We have a vast array of vegetables for your every need and we buy direct from local farmers whenever we can to ensure you get the freshest possible.

We try to support our local farmers as much as possible, giving you locally grown produce that is sure to exceed your standards.