Bake Shop

The Apple Factory is world famous for its baked goods.

NEW BOURBON CHOCOLATE PECAN PIE is now available!!! We currently have Caramel Apple Pie, Peach Blueberry Pie and Triple Berry Streusel added to our regular line-up. Our Staff have tried them all and claim that the taste is to die for! – all for a limited time!

We have a huge sweet tooth, so we added to our cookies! Try one of new flavours: Gluten Free & White Chocolate Cookies!

With extra care and attention to detail, the bakers at the Apple Factory put tremendous efforts into making every item fresh and delicious.  With a large selection of pies, breads, tarts, muffins, cheesecakes, deli items, cookies, and loaf cakes there is something for everyone’s taste!  Below is a list of the variety we carry, for further inquiries, including larger pie orders, please call us, we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.